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Safety Related Traffic Information Ecosystem: Data for Road Safety

Live Vehicle, Crowd and Infrastructure Data improving road safety across Europe

Significantly improving road safety across Europe for all road users requires the mass involvement of vehicle manufacturers, traffic information service providers, automotive suppliers and public authorities. Such a level of participation will be necessary to ensure the pace and critical mass of safety data required for comprehensive safety related traffic information services.

Welcome to the SRTI Ecosystem: Data for Road Safety; a scalable solution where any industry partner in the transportation, mobility and traffic data domain and public authorities can join and start using to exchange safety related traffic data and information.

‘Data for Road Safety’ Collaboration: why, how and what? Watch the video:

Joost Vantomme


"The DFRS platform helps us to bring partners of various sectors together, to jointly pioneer, test and deploy innovation and to deliver for a better society"

Erik Vrijens

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management - The Netherlands

"Using anonymous probe vehicles and crowd-sourced data, we are able to detect safety-critical situations – on average – 12 minutes earlier and detect more than ten times as many critical events. Especially on roads that lack any detection mechanism, this will drastically improve our operations and thus make it safer for all road users"

Mohanad Ismail


“Collaboration enhances our ability to solve and detect problems. The collaboration between the public and private sectors means the problems that are being tackled are greater than any one organisation to tackle alone and are likely to impact the greater good. I have seen true collaboration take effect between the public and private sector within this group, and I am looking forward to the impact it will have in supporting the safety of our roads”

Paul Stobbe


"At DFRS my responsibility is to lead a working group that has the goal to make an impact on safety for Europe. I believe this can only be done through sharing our best approaches to the data processing inside the initiative and making the resulting data openly available to anyone externally.
Our intention is to build trust around the data and share it in the most simple way so others can integrate it instantly to perceive the value"

Christian Decku


"At INRIX, we empower the public and private sectors with mobility intelligence to keep the world moving smarter, safer, and more efficiently. As long-term members of the DFRS community, we support the overall guiding principles of improving road safety across Europe and the World"

Nicolas Vivarelli

POST Luxembourg

"Our commitment to public welfare, innovation, and technology has led us to build and operate the critical Big Data and Analytics platform for DFRS, to leverage data-driven insights for a safer road future.

We provide the technological backbone that supports the convergence of data from multiple sources and produces relevant traffic information, enabling the consortium to harness the potential of Big Data analytics"s"

Peter Geffers

Ford Europe

"Ford's connected vehicles are part of the mobility ecosystem, and DFRS aims to significantly reduce road fatalities by implementing the EU Delegated Act 886. An opportunity we can’t miss and an obligation for our customers and our society"