SRTI Ecosystem

The Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) Ecosystem was created by the Data Task Force members for the exchange of data and information under the terms and conditions of the Multi Party Agreement and thus creating a trust domain for that exchange.

Year 2019 was by far the safest on European roads according to European Commissions preliminary figures in 2020. The European target to reduce the number of fatal road crash victims and serious injuries by half in 2030 stays however far away. In order to achieve the set targets for road safety, the European Commission Road Safety Policy Framework 2021-2030 notes next steps and new approaches, including safe systems and new technological advances as well as opportunities of connectivity and automation. The Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) Ecosystem partners will make a collaborative effort to be part of this new cooperation and share data while supporting road safety.

In order to exchange data, the partners agreed on a number of aspects such as the conditions of exchange, the allowed use of data and access to the data.

Key principles:

  • Free of charge…
    Data is exchanged within the SRTI Ecosystem for the sole purpose of road safety, without any financial compensation between the parties.

  • …on the basis of reciprocity…
    The reciprocity principle simply means that if you get something - you give something. Each role brings a value to the Ecosystem.

  • …for road safety
    Data received through the SRTI Ecosystem can only be used to create Safety Related Traffic Information. It is strictly prohibited to use the data in the SRTI Ecosystem for any other purpose, as the members consider other usage to be commercial use cases.

These principles and other agreements are part of the Multi Party Agreement signed by the partners, and are valid within the SRTI Ecosystem. Joining the SRTI Ecosystem by signing the Multi Party Agreement alters however in no way any rights and obligations parties have, including the European Delegated Regulation on the exchange of Safety Related Traffic Information.