Proof of Concept

The Data Task Force initiated the Proof of Concept (PoC) Data for Road Safety to take the first steps towards a harmonised exchange of vehicle data with the aim of generating Safety Related Traffic Information.

This PoC was necessary to develop and test the exchange of SRTI messages between private and public partners and was launched at the ITS Europe conference in Eindhoven on 3 June 2019 and ended in early October 2020.


During the PoC, approximately 28 million messages were received by the Dutch National Access Point only. Vehicle data contributed to five out of the eight Safety Related Traffic Information categories. However, the categories that cannot be detected by vehicle data at this point in time, might be available at public parties and other industry partners.

proof of concept

The complete results can be found in the report: Evaluation of the PoC ‘Data for Road Safety’.

Effect on road safety

The availability of Safety Related Traffic Information has a positive effect on road safety. It helps accelerating the deployment of emergency services and recovery companies by public authorities. The exact location of vehicle crashes and broken-down vehicles is also shared within seconds with service providers, who can issue warnings for road users. The PoC confirms the following effects: